The group.

Fbh Group ® forms a group of brands and services specialized in the equestrian world. Nevertheless, the HUMAN dimension and the attachment to a common passion around the HORSE are above all the basis of our values.

On a French market with its own specificities, Fbh Group ® is now the only European group to offer such a wide range of products and services within the equestrian world.

Warehousing, logistics, referencing of international suppliers, product creation, digital development/digital content creation/digital content production, communication tools, customer relations…

Fbh Group ® is a company whose uniqueness is linked to an atomized and very specific economic sector.

Where many companies think their business model only in “vertical” mode, Fbh Group ® dares a development in cooperation and mixes a Vertical & Horizontal integration in a Win-Win relationship.

All for :
› equip riders of all levels
› equipping horses and ponies
› stables of all disciplines
› customize your equipment
› the well-being and health of horses
› create innovative products

› digitalize the actors of the equestrian sector
› accompany the commercial development of brands in saddlery and on the web
› provide a logistic service in Europe
› follow in real time the life of your horse
› learn about the equestrian world