The Equestra company, a commercial brand of the same name developed by Fred Rovel, Co-Founder and Ceo of the Fbh Group®, initiated a breakthrough in the world of saddlery in 1981

Driven by a global vision of the equestrian market, it is by federating French and international suppliers, product designers, top-level riders and customers, that the conditions have been met to perfect the construction of product ranges at the best commercial conditions. It is also in this state of mind that Equestra has developed and grown, enabling it to establish a position as a leading player in the saddlery industry in France.

Located in Toulouse, France, the Equestra adventure took off in the heart of a profit center that is unique in France, with an initial surface area of more than 1000 m².

The collective will to instill change in order to constantly adapt to customer expectations and evolving consumption patterns has remained intact.

The Equestra brand, historically anchored in the sale of equipment products in stores and on the Internet, has also developed commercially with a network of saddleries by creating the commercial agency Cavalhorse, creator of product lines of the same name and also ensuring an activity of representation and wholesale import and export.

In 2010, the company Equus Green created by Didier Lemaire Co-Founder and Coo Fbh Group ®, founder of the online sales site specializing in the equine health sector Le Paturon, the brand of care products Galowade, as well as the mobile application Fabulhorse, has become a reference player as a pure player in the equestrian world.

Thanks to their unique positioning in the equestrian market and their acquired and mastered skills in the fields of supplier relations, wholesale activity with a major network of saddleries in France, logistics and customer relations, and their links with brands anchored in the digital world such as Le Paturon, Mon Cheval, Equibooks, Fabulhorse and Galowade, Equestra has entered a new development phase.

Fbh Group ® is now managed by Fred Rovel Ceo and Didier Lemaire Coo whose common ambition is to offer a unique business model in the equestrian world at the service of all riders.

Fbh Group ® respects the traditions while adapting to the technological and societal evolutions of the modes of distribution, marketing and advice within the equestrian universe.